Early Childhood Design Options

Outdoor Learning Centers

more fun and more unpredictable

Outdoor Learning Centers can come in many different sizes and shapes. Each design is site specific. This design is approximately 36 ft. x 76 ft. and was placed in an unused grassy area at the end of the building. Schools may complete the entire project or they can create smaller areas as the budget permits. Our concept is to create a unique, dynamic, textural learning space that differs from a gross motor playground. Places where kids can paint, read, tend a garden, put on a play, build with blocks, experience the weather and play music. An area where children have lots of different play options to choose from.

Anything that can be done in an indoor classroom can be done outside.

Outside is just more fun and more unpredictable.

Another Example of Our Work

Repurposing For A New Day

Here is another design where we were able to repurpose 14 yr. old equipment and incorporate it into a new infant toddler and preschool natural play environment. The children were involved in the design and very interested in watching the site being built. The result was a wonderful space with dramatic play, gardens, a huge sandbox with shade, art studio, stage with a pergola, tables & seating, hill slides, bridges, stamped concrete walkways, shade, music, dramatic play and hill slides. Each area provides a different experience for the children.

Both of the examples were larger projects, but you can see the smaller activity areas within the designs.

The goal for both schools was to enable the children to spend more quality time outside.