Outdoor Learning Center

Project Spotlight: Outdoor Learning Center

Creating a Unique, Dynamic, and Textural Learning Space

A school approached Playspace Design with a request for a design that would transform a vacant outdoor space into a vibrant learning environment. This design, approximately 36 feet x 76 feet, was intended for an unused grassy space at the end of the school building. As we do for all of our clients, we created a detailed plan that depicts the finished outdoor learning space. Schools may choose to move forward with completing the entire design at one time, or they can create smaller areas over time as the budget permits. 

When we create an outdoor learning center such as this one, our goal is to create a unique, dynamic, and textural learning space that differs from a gross motor playground. Our outdoor learning environments feature places where kids can paint, read, tend to a garden, put on a play, build with blocks, experience the weather, and play music. It creates an environment that provides children with many different play options.

Featured Products

We offer a wide variety of outdoor learning equipment to design your space. This school outdoor learning playspace featured the following products:

Pergola With Deck

Dimensions: 6X12

  • Must be installed in ground
  • Available in natural color

Walk/Trike Garden Bridge

  • Available for in-ground install
  • Available in primary or natural colors

Weather Station 

Dimensions: 4-feet wide

  • Available for in-ground install
  • Available in primary or natural colors
  • Comes with roof, weather panel, moveable icons, rain gauge, chalk cup, thermometer, wind turbine, chalkboard, and wind sock

Large Water Table With Lid and Spill Post

Dimensions: 33 X 83 X 24

  • Available in primary or natural colors
  • Preschool height 24”

Art Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: 48 X 24 X 26

  • Available in primary or natural colors
Cedar Pergola
Garden Bridge
Art Storage Cabinet with lock, doors

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