Project Spotlight: Music Garden

Using Musical Instruments

In an Outdoor Learning Space

If you have thought about an outdoor learning space but do not know where to start, a great option is to create a music garden—a beautiful space that combines nature with musical instruments. Why do we love designing music gardens? They are unique and engaging spaces for children of all ages, sparking their curiosity and imagination. We also find that music gardens are often the first element of an outdoor learning environment for our clients, who can then expand the space in the future with additional activity centers and equipment.

Young children playing various instruments in Music Garden

Music gardens are ideal for spaces of all sizes.

Whether you have a small corner to work with or a much larger space, we can design a beautiful music garden. Our team recently completed a design for a client with a small site, and we were able to incorporate seating, several instruments, and space for flowers and plants. There is a variety of outdoor musical equipment to choose from, including chimes, a metallophone, bongos, as well as our line of products inspired by nature, such as a grouping of Harmony Flowers.

Children can express their feelings with outdoor music.

What does thunder sound like? Can you make the sound of the wind? How does it sound when it rains?

These are just a few of the questions that can be posed to children while they are playing in an outdoor music garden. Children are challenged to focus on the sounds created by musical instruments and practice their active listening skills. For example, using a xylophone, children can hear the different musical notes on a scale. They can use a mallet to strike chimes—developing their motor skills—and practice color recognition using the bright, multi-colored instruments.

Young boy playing chimes in Music Garden
Young girl playing flowers in Music Garden

Music gardens facilitate improvised play.

Children can work together to use the instruments or make up games involving different sounds. Using their imagination, they can express themselves creatively while playing with others.

Music gardens can also facilitate more focused educational time.

When under the guidance of an adult, children can begin to develop a love of music. All of our equipment is tuned to the pentatonic scale, which contains five different tones that are always harmonious. Children can play freely and make their own musical arrangements and combinations without worrying about “doing it wrong.”

Young boy playing bongos in Music Garden

Create a Music Garden

Give Children an Innovative Outdoor Playspace

If you are interested in adding a music garden to your early learning environment, school, or other organization, please reach out to us and discuss your ideas. We would love to help you create an innovative outdoor playspace for children to explore and learn about music through play.