Our Outdoor Classroom Design Process

We Start With Your Vision, Space, and Budget

If you are interested in designing an outdoor learning environment with Playspace Design, we are eager to start the conversation about your vision, the intended space, and budget. These three factors are key to the foundation and success of your project. Our team has worked with educators to design outdoor classrooms and spaces of various sizes for children of all ages. Whether you are working with a small space or an expansive area, we can create an outdoor learning space that will support your curriculum and give children the freedom to explore and engage in new activities.

3D rendering of outdoor learning and activity center

Attention to Detail at Every Stage

Outdoor Learning Spaces Customized to Your Needs

Step 1


During our initial conversation, we will get to know you and your organization and gain an understanding of your unique vision and needs for the project. Are you looking for an outdoor classroom? Do you want to create an outdoor learning center or a musical garden? We will discuss the type of project you have in mind and go over the collection of outdoor learning products we can provide at Playspace Design to begin to build your wish list.

Step 2

Site Review

It is important for us to assess the intended site for your outdoor classroom. We have design solutions for sites of all shapes and sizes, including different outdoor classroom desk setups, decks and bridges, pergolas, gathering tables, playhouses, and so much more. Outdoor play and learning spaces can be large or small and every size in between. Once we get a better sense of your site and the space we have to work with, we can begin to create your design.

Step 3

Create a Master Plan Design

Using the measurements of your space and the desired activities on your wish list, we will develop your master plan design. This will be a detailed drawing that clearly depicts the layout of the space and how all the elements will fit and work together.

Step 4

Review and Finalize Design

Once you have had a chance to review your design, we will fine tune the master plan and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 5

Create a Project Budget

Once your design is finalized, we will establish your budget for the project. Keep in mind that our designs incorporate activity centers that can be completely built at one time or in stages as your budget permits. We will determine which elements of your master plan design will be constructed first.

Step 6

Build Your Outdoor Classroom

Finally, we execute your master plan design and build your outdoor learning environment.

Playspace Design Will Bring Your Vision to Life

Design an Outdoor Learning Environment

An outdoor learning space allows teachers and educators to take indoor learning outside! Anything that can be done indoors can be replicated in an outdoor classroom. Outdoor learning spaces can support creative and physical play, provide inclusive settings for children of all abilities to play together, and spark children’s imagination. Let us help you bring your vision for an outdoor learning environment to life.