Our Story

Designed To Educate Since 2008

After many years in the corporate world we decided it was time for a change. In 2008 we both worked with a PhD in early childhood designing outdoor play and learning spaces for the early childhood market. We designed and provided products for complete playground projects. Our designs were very different from most playgrounds that you see. We designed according to the educational and physical needs of children. Our playgrounds supported art, music, dramatic play, water & sand play, loose parts, construction, nature, gardening and gross motor. Working with a large early childhood franchise organization, Marcia designed a unique outdoor learning center that became a standard in many of their schools. There was great excitement from staff, parents and especially the children and the outdoor space was a total success.

It was that project that led Playspace to focus on providing design and products for outdoor learning centers.

Continued Work

At a conference five years ago, where Playspace was exhibiting we were introduced to the incredible ZONO Sanitizing & Disinfecting Cabinet. We visited so many child care facilities where we saw firsthand how difficult it was to keep cots, mats, educational items and toys sanitized, especially for babies and toddlers. Helping to keep kids and staff healthy by using the ZONO was a benefit that we wanted to promote. Our goal is to educate teachers, directors, parents and owners of the many benefits using the ZONO method of sanitizing in a school, preschool, early learning center, or child care environment.

Kevin is a certified ZONO technologist and his main focus is representing the ZONO Sanitizing & Disinfecting Cabinet.

Marcia is continuing Outdoor Learning and has created a dynamic line of safe, outdoor eco-friendly products that support an early childhood curriculum.

Kevin & Marcia

Kevin & Marcia are married with five wonderful grandchildren.

Kevin Murray

Marcia Sweet


Erin has joined Playspace Design and will be representing the Zono Sanitizing & Disinfecting Cabinet.

Erin Zelin