Installations & Testimonials


Cabinet Installations

When this childcare center owner in Carmel, IN wanted to install a ZONO sanitizing cabinet in their existing school, they got a little creative. They eliminated the unused parent communication slots to create a nook space. Then, after partially recessing the ZONO they built an innovative stand up work station with storage below the work surface. For their 2nd location, they’re creating a space for the ZONO that looks completely built in.

The Goddard School Grand Rapids

“worth the investment”

“Hello Kevin, We love having our ZONO Machine. It has truly been worth the investment and a selling point for our new enrolling families. They love seeing the machine during tours and hearing about how we use it daily in our school. Our staff loves this tool as it is a huge time saver. They are able to spend time teaching instead of cleaning all of their classroom toys each day.  We had a child diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease in our toddler room and we immediately “ZONO-ed” everything in the room, including the chairs and cots! We are happy to say that no one else in the school contracted the illness. We recommend the ZONO to anyone opening a childcare facility or school.”

Sean Mooney, Owner

Doodle Bugs

“We’re so happy”

“We’re so happy to be welcoming more and more families back to the center! And, just in time, all of our new ZONO machines (eco-friendly sanitizing technology) have been installed… helping to provide families and teachers the peace of mind we all need.”

Childrens Lighthouse

“an immediate impact”

“Our school began utilizing the ZONO in January of 2017.  First, Walter and Kevin were a true pleasure to work with.  They were available anytime to answer and address any questions or concerns we had.  They provided us with materials for our current families allowing us the opportunity to share the value add of the ZONO machine, as well as information we could immediately implement within our tour packets.

The ZONO made an immediate impact at our center.  There isn’t a tour that occurs without mention and discussion around the ZONO, it truly sets us apart from our competition.  We now have the ability to sanitize items that our competitors don’t.

From crayons to books, puzzles, paint brushes, cots and costumes everything goes through our ZONO.  We have implemented a comprehensive schedule that works well for our teachers ensuring each classroom has maximum opportunity to utilize it.  We began to see a difference immediately.

Our families are extremely pleased with our investment as they feel we are truly going above and beyond to ensure their kiddos stay healthy.  Our staff love the simplicity of the cart system and love knowing we have the ability to sanitize things we couldn’t before.”

Owners, Amanda and Chip Palluch
San Antonio, TX

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy

“healthy and germ free”

“Did you know…Wednesday is Family ZONO Day! Families can bring in items from home to be sanitized, and we will have them ready and sanitized by pick up time.
Our ZONO Sanitizing System helps keep our classrooms and school healthy and germ free. The Zono uses earth friendly, green technology to safely sanitize without steam, heat, or harsh chemicals.”

How Primrose School Uses ZONO

ZONO Testimonial From Kids R Kids