Bringing Science Into Outdoor Play

Bringing Science Into Outdoor Play

Give Students Learning Experiences in a Natural Environment

When you take science learning outdoors, you expand the classroom to incorporate one of our students’ greatest teachers: nature. While outdoors, students gain experiences in a natural environment. They can collect natural materials—like leaves, feathers, and rocks—and observe the world around them, whether they look for insects, go bird watching, or identify native plants and trees. They can observe the changing seasons firsthand and talk about changes in temperature, weather, and conditions. The possibilities are limitless. 

This does not replace essential science teaching in a traditional classroom but it takes the lessons students are learning indoors and puts them into greater context outside. When you have a designated outdoor learning space on school grounds, you can connect the indoor and outdoor classrooms to create a more seamless learning experience for your students. The benefits of this are immeasurable: Students benefit physically and mentally and are better able to learn and adapt to a changing natural environment. 

At Playspace Design, we believe that bringing science outdoors for students is critical for their learning and development. We have designed several outdoor learning products to help you create a designated space for science learning.

Investigation Table

Investigation Table

Dimensions: 2 X 2 X 2

  • Portable
  • Primary or natural colors
  • Optional lid available
Playspace Weather Station

Weather Station One Facade

Dimensions: 4 feet wide

  • Comes with roof, weather panel, moveable icons, rain gauge, chalk cup, thermometer, wind turbine, chalkboard, and windsock
  • Available for in-ground install
  • Primary or natural colors
  • Also available as a three facade model with two side panels

Incorporate Science Into Your Outdoor Learning Space

Bring Your Vision to Life With Playspace Design

Are you ready to bring science outdoors for your students? When you work with us to design your outdoor learning classroom, you can select from a variety of products to create a unique and engaging environment for students. From incorporating water play to building a music garden, the possibilities are endless. Let’s talk about the vision you have for your space.