How to Create an Outdoor Art Classroom

Sparking Children’s Creativity

Through Nature and Art

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Every child is an artist—they just need a canvas. And what better setting for art exploration than nature? Playspace Design loves to create unique outdoor art classrooms for schools, childcare centers, and other organizations. These are special places where children can gather, spark their imagination, be creative, and have fun—and this is such an integral part of learning.

According to International Research in Early Childhood Education, a study conducted by Georgina Barton in Australia, “Arts learning and practices from dance, drama, music, and visual art in early childhood have been shown to influence achievement of identified learning outcomes as well as enabling behaviors and attitudes which support later learning.” Some of these benefits for children include developing their physical and cognitive skills, practicing social interactions, developing their expression and communication, and building their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Given these benefits, consider how meaningful an outdoor art classroom could be for your students! Our playspace design team can help you build an outdoor art classroom in whatever size space you have available, from the small corner of an existing playground to an expansive field.

These are just a few of the products we can pull from to create an engaging and comfortable outdoor space for children to explore the arts:

Art Easel with paint tray one side.

Art Easel

This easel is four feet wide, with a paint tray on one side. When designing your outdoor art classroom, you can select the preferred height for the easel, choosing between toddler, preschool, and school-age heights. The easel can be portable or installed in-ground.

Art Storage Cabinet with lock, doors

Art Storage Cabinet

Store your outdoor classroom’s art supplies—paints, paintbrushes, smocks, and more—in a durable and attractive storage cabinet with a lock and doors. This cabinet comes in primary or natural colors to match your easel.

Chalkboard with tray

Chalkboard With Tray

The chalkboard, also four feet wide, is large enough for several children to draw and play together. Like the art easel, the chalkboard can be portable or installed in the ground.

When you combine these products with one of our decks or seating arrangements, you can create a place where children are encouraged to be creative and join with their classmates and friends in imaginative play through art.

Are You Ready to Create an Outdoor Art Classroom?

Reach Out to Playspace Design

We are ready to help you take the first steps of the outdoor classroom design process. Let’s start by having a conversation about your space, your wish list, and your budget, and begin to lay out an incredible outdoor learning environment for your organization.

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