Outdoor Musical Instruments

Fun and Educational

Playspace Design offers a wide and unique selection of outdoor musical equipment that encourages the music-making creativity of those in any age group while still taking in the beauty of the outdoors.

This equipment provides an outlet for children to creatively express themselves while also possibly training their ears for music and listening skills in general. Utilizing these tools develops their motor skills and creative skills.

Musical Education

Fostering a Love for Music

The outdoor instruments are not only used for free play but can be used under the guidance of an adult for more focused educational time. The equipment is tuned to the Pentatonic scale, making it ideal for music teaching.

This scale ensures that no notes are inharmonious, meaning that children can experience the fun of music arrangement and combinations without fearing playing a note incorrectly or feeling intimidated by having no musical experience.

This experience can be especially beautiful for those in nursery or kindergarten as it can establish a love for music and musical arrangement at a young age.

Rainbow Collection

A Vibrantly Colored Selection

Not only will young eyes be drawn to the brightly colored Rainbow Collection, but their minds will be exercised in color and musical recognition.

We recommend the Rainbow Trio Ensemble for kindergarten and other early education play areas as the high-quality, compact-sized equipment is the perfect size for younger children. All three pieces of this united musical unit, the chimes, metallophone, and bongos, are perfect for rhythm and melody creativity in young children who have most likely had little musical training.

The Rainbow Trio can be installed on the ground or onto a surface or wall to make for versatile installation options for you.

The Penta Post

Compact Musical Equipment 

Contrary to what you might be thinking, musical equipment does not have to be a focal point of a play area or take up much space. Our Penta Post is perfect for smaller spaces that still want the benefits of musical education equipment. The polished, stainless steel post of this product is surrounded by beautiful chimes that make for an enjoyable and educational experience.



Calypso Chimes are extremely durable, feature a beautiful finish, and create beautifully clean tones. Each of these rainbow-colored chimes are mounted to a stainless-steel post which can be installed into the ground, fixed to the surface, or installed with an extended footer. The anodized aluminum polished ensures that the finish will not chip, flake, or peel. Each Calypso Chime set includes a mallet that is secured to the product.

Inspired By Nature Products


Our Inspired by Nature productss, available as individual pieces of equipment or in a posy selection (maximum of three flowers in a posy), are not only beautiful additions to your outdoor learning space but offer many educational benefits. We find that this colorful option is perfect within a sensory garden to spark creativity and an interest in music.

A Garden of Music

Where Education and Music Meet

It can be intimidating to try to determine the right equipment and its advantages within your available outdoor learning space, but Playspace Design is here to help you acquire the perfect equipment and strategize a layout.

We cannot express enough how wonderful outdoor musical equipment can be for the young minds within your care.