ZONO Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cabinets

ZONO Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cabinets

A Leading Solution for Teachers and Child Care Providers

We know that teachers and early child care providers juggle so many responsibilities. Among their various challenges is maintaining a clean and germ-free classroom or nursery environment. Young children are constantly sneezing, chewing, coughing, or touching classroom surfaces, learning tools, and electronic devices. Even when they are not at play, children can be exposed to germs on mats or crib mattresses at nap time.

Many items used for play and education can be extremely difficult to sanitize manually with disinfectant wipes or liquid chemicals. Consider small puzzle or game pieces, crayons, board or paper books, and exersaucers. Fortunately, there is a solution: the ZONO Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cabinet. While teachers continue to teach and care for their students, many items can be safely sanitized in the ZONO.

Which items can be placed in the ZONO?

  • Toys like wooden blocks, Legos, dolls, cards, and puzzles 
  • Crib mattresses, mats, and rugs used at nap time
  • Stuffed animals
  • Dress up clothes and hats
  • Exersaucers and mobiles
  • Common craft supplies like crayons, markers, and glue sticks
  • Paper, plastic, and cloth books
  • Electronic equipment

Putting Science and Innovation to Work

The ZONO solution utilizes world-class technology, research, and development as well as advanced and practical engineering to guarantee the most effective germ-killing capabilities. The technology has a 99.99% disinfecting kill rate on non-porous surfaces and a 99.9% sanitizing kill rate on porous, semi-porous, and non-porous surfaces.

With the time saved by teachers and staff no longer having to manually disinfect and sanitize, the ZONO provides significant return on investment. The ZONO does not require any wiping or rinsing of items after use, as well as leave no residue or discoloration on items. Other benefits of the ZONO child care solution include:

  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Requires minimal attention from teachers and staff
  • Ensures maximum load capacity with the integrated Mobile Rack and Cart System
  • Contains an Optional Heat Unit that kills bedbugs, lice, and their eggs
  • Requires less than one ounce of water and $.03 of electricity usage per cycle
  • Is eco-friendly, meaning it creates no harmful discharge or waste
  • Options for custom-built customer workflow plans
  • Multiple size cabinets available
  • American-made product
  • Comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty and nationwide service support

The ZONO Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cabinet can truly change the way your classrooms operate. Contact us to learn more and discuss options customized to your needs.