Outdoor Play & Learning

Helping Students Learn

Through Play Outdoors

We believe that now more than ever, our children should be learning through play outdoors. Outdoor learning environments can provide safe and enjoyable play experiences similar to those in an indoor classroom—but with the added benefit, and fun, of being outside! From infant and toddler play spaces to school-age outdoor classrooms, an outdoor learning space can serve the needs of many different ages and abilities. 

Playspace Design offers a variety of services to design and execute outdoor learning environments for all ages. Give your students a stimulating learning environment that encourages physical skill development, exploration, and creativity.

outdoor playing environment

Playspace Design Services

Design an Outdoor Learning Environment for Your School

We start every playspace design project by getting to know our client’s needs, site, and budget. Once we have established your wish list of activities and features, we provide you with a master plan, including a detailed drawing and layout. The first step toward making your ideal outdoor learning environment a reality is scheduling an interview with our playspace designer.

Early Childhood Design Options

Taking Creative Play Outdoors

Our outdoor learning center designs can vary in size and shape. The goal, no matter the size, is to create a unique, textural learning space that is different from any other type of playground. Our early childhood design options include places where students can play music, tend a garden, paint, read, and engage their creativity.

Outdoor activity center

Outdoor Classroom Products

Supporting an Enriching Outdoor Learning Environment

Outdoor learning centers are elevated through unique age-appropriate products. We have curated a collection of outdoor classroom products designed for dramatic play, art, music, science, gardening, and much more. Give students a place to create with chalkboards, easels, and supply needed storage. Install an outdoor theatre with a stage, curtains, and custom sign. Foster imaginative play with a farmers market playhouse or mud kitchen. The possibilities are truly endless.

Bring Your Playspace Vision to Life

Work With Us to Design an Outdoor Learning Center

Any play or learning that occurs indoors can be taken outdoors—you just need to bring your outdoor classroom vision to life. That is what we do at Playspace Design. Let’s start with your unique vision, and we will use our knowledge and experience to design a space that will serve the needs of your students, work well in your desired site, and meet your budget.