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Over the past five years, I have designed over 50 outdoor products for early childhood. Many came from requests of the school owners & teachers. My goal was to produce age appropriate products that supported our outdoor learning centers. In addition, all products can be used on age appropriate playgrounds. We are working on a catalogue which will highlight all of our products and we anticipate to have it on our website soon.

The Playspace Collection includes products for:

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Introducing Poddely

A creative product that supports “STEAM” learning for children of all ages.

Poddely is designed to offer both child initiated, as well as teacher-led learning through play. There are endless possibilities with Poddely. Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math. Bring your classroom outside!

Outdoor Desks & Bookshelves

Introducing Playspace Design’s new desk & storage products for learning outside. Outdoor classrooms require durable products that can be used in dynamic learning centers. Our new Sadie series consists of desks and bookshelves for Pre K students, K-5 students and for teachers. Blackboards, easels and stations for hand sanitizers are also available.

Arbor with garden boxes

Art Storage

Little Lady Drum

Simple Playhouse with sink and stove

Speed Racer

Trike Track

Pergola Stage with Barn Stone Seating

Water table with lid

Bongo Drum

Zippy Car


Farmers Market Playhouse

Art Easel

Water table

Farmers Market 4×4

Main Street Trolley

Fire Truck with Custom Sign

Step Up Activity