FAQs About the ZONO Cabinet

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The ZONO Disinfecting+ & Sanitizing* Cabinet has become an indispensable asset for so many elementary schools, early learning environments, daycare centers, elder care communities, and other organizations. We understand that many prospective users have questions about the product, and we are happy to help provide some answers. Keep in mind that our team is always available to provide more detailed answers and explanations to help ease any concerns or share more information.

A ZONO Disinfecting & Sanitizing Double-Door Cabinet
What does the ZONO do?

The ZONO kills 99.99% of common viruses+ (disinfecting level) and 99.9% of common bacteria* (sanitizing level). It is intended to be used as part of a comprehensive disinfecting and sanitizing routine, reducing the time, energy, and chemicals required. The ZONO uses a combination of ozone and humidity to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect items.

Is a staff member required to oversee the ZONO while it is in use?

No. Once a staff member has loaded the trays of the ZONO with items to be disinfected and sanitized, he or she simply closes the door and presses the button to start the cycle. No monitoring is needed while the ZONO is in use.

How long does a ZONO cycle take?

A complete cycle takes approximately 30 minutes. Following the completed cycle, your items will be ready for immediate use.

Is the ZONO environmentally friendly?

Yes. The ZONO creates no harmful discharge or waste, making it eco-friendly. It requires less than one ounce of water and $.03 of electricity usage per cycle.

Is the ZONO safe?

Yes. Ozone monitoring sensors located inside and outside the cabinet ensure that the ZONO is operating safely. Users of the ZONO are not exposed to any chemicals.

Will items be subject to discoloration?

No, items placed in the ZONO will not be discolored or damaged in any way.

Can the ZONO be used to eliminate lice or bed bugs?

When you purchase a ZONO cabinet, you can select the Optional Heat Unit. This unit effectively kills bed bugs, lice, and their eggs.

Is the ZONO like a washing machine or dishwasher?

No. The ZONO does not use water. ZONO technology uses a combination of humidity and ozone. Items do not get wet; they come out of the cabinet ready for immediate use and do not require wiping or rinsing. Please note that the ZONO does not remove dirt.

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If you are ready to learn more about how the ZONO cabinet can save your staff time by no longer having to manually disinfect and sanitize, please reach out to our team. We are happy to provide more information about the different cabinet options and dimensions and assist you with finding the right ZONO solution for your needs.

+Norovirus on non-porous surfaces.

*Staphylococcus aureus, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli, Streptococcus Pyogenes, Shigella dysenteriae, Salmonella Enteritidis, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on non-porous, semi-porous, and porous surfaces.