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Imagine an outdoor learning center that supports your school’s curriculum and allows children the freedom to decide what activities they want to participate in. An outdoor classroom can provide the same learning experiences that indoor classrooms can and be much more fun outside. Working with educators, we have designed outdoor learning environments for all ages and in all sizes.

In these challenging times, children and staff should be outside as much as possible.

Learn through play in the healthy outdoors.

Our Process

1. Interview
2. Site Review
3. Create a Master Plan Design
4. Review & Finalize Design
5. Create a Project Budget
6. Build Outdoor Classroom

How big is your space?

Outdoor classrooms can be large or small. We can develop a master plan and include all the activities on your wish list. You will have a detailed drawing/layout and know that everything fits.

What is your budget?

Once your master plan is developed, a proposal and budget will be provided. Our designs support “activity centers” that can be built all at once or as budget permits.

Music Garden

Musical instruments within the outdoor learning environment encourage improvised play, provide an outlet for creative expression, and are a valuable resource for many learning experiences. Children can use their imagination to express their own observations and feelings with outdoor music. Creating a music garden is a first step in adding an outdoor learning center to your school.

Infants & Toddler PlaySpaces

Infants require close contact while still being allowed to experience a stimulating learning environment. Activities that encourage exploration and maintain the tactile, auditory, and visual discrimination experience needed are key in the design.

Preschool learning centers

Not only do preschoolers need to develop their physical skills, they also need the opportunity to play creatively. Providing all types of play & learning activities will allow children to make choices and choose the activities that they love the most.

School-age outdoor classrooms

Curriculum for Pre-K, kindergarten, & older elementary school children can be supported with outdoor classrooms. Almost any activity that can be done inside can be done outside.


Designs that make sure children with special needs can play with their peers, experiencing the same activities at the same time.

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