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What is Poddely?

make something new

Poddely is designed to offer both child-initiated, as well as teacher-led learning through play. Whether you are now the proud owner of a medium or a large Poddely set, the ideas in the following pages can offer children the experience to learn how to use Poddely in a structured way. The best thing about Poddely is the endless opportunities your children can enjoy every time they ‘make something new’.

Of course you don’t have to use these ideas; they are there just to get you going. However, if you would like to see more examples of how children are using Poddely, contact us to see how Poddely is being used in other settings to learn through play and upload your children’s fantastic creations to help us share best practice.

Outdoor Learning

Ready For The Weather

Is it a sunny day or rainy day? Whatever the weather, children can use Poddely outside to create outdoor classrooms. The sky is the limit for designing and building. Two medium sets are ideal for larger groups. One medium set works well for smaller group.

Playspace has been searching for the perfect product to support STEAM learning. Our search led us to Poddely a product that offers a variety of activities that support science, art, dramatic play, water play, drama & gathering, construction play and more. We are excited about all the possibilities that Poddely offers.
We hope you will be too!

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